Single Sign On Links and Files

Updated June 1 2020
Staff is advised to review all of the materials posted on the Single Sign-on Page under the "Students" tab. There are multiple "How To" materials including short, engaging videos for students to follow differentiated for computers and mobile devices. Additionally, copies of the Responsible Use Policy (RUP) are available for downloading or viewing in the multiple languages supported by the District Translation Unit. The following document is a one-page summary of how a student activates their SSO.
Teachers can now access student PINS and SSO information through DACESIS.
Once logged in to DACESIS, “Click” the following keywords.
1. “Reports” (top tab)
○“District Reports”
2. “Focus”
○“...Roster with SSO...”
○→ Run.
3. Delete the “0” and enter your Section #
     ○→ Run = view (or print)
     ○→ Export = download (or save)
Watch this YouTube Video to learn how to activate your SSO, log in to Gmail and send a message, and log in to Schoology.
Mire este video de YouTube para aprender cómo activar su SSO, iniciar sesión en Gmail y enviar un mensaje e iniciar sesión en Schoology.
Steps for Activating SSOs and logging into Gmail for the first time FROM HOME Computer as a PowerPoint.  Students can now call the Help Desk at 213-241-5200 and receive direct assistance.