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The DSS (Disability Support Services) Office at NVOC is dedicated to providing equal access and assistance for adult students with verifiable disabilities. All support services are individualized and may include:

DSS Services: Course Advisement, Personalized Registration, Test Accommodations, Sign Language Interpreters, Enlargements and Audiobooks, Classroom Accommodations, Assistive Technology, Agency Referral and Liaison


To be eligible for assistance, your disability must be verifiable. This means you will need to provide documentation that states your disability. Documentation may include: 
  • Medical diagnosis information or a letter from your physician, psychologist, agency counselor, or qualified medical professional
  • Inactive I.E.P. (for previous Special Education students) or 504 plan
  • Workers' Compensation records
  • Record of Military Veteran service-related disability
Please note that all accommodations must be:
  • Clearly identified
  • Directly correlated to your disability
  • Documented by a qualified professional
Once you have qualified and submitted your completed paperwork to the DSS Office, we will assist you with registration and coordination of services and accommodations.


Disabling conditions may include, but are not limited to:
DSS Disabling Conditions


Many students utilizing our services are originally referred to us by:
While these agencies are great places to get assistance, you never need a referral to seek support from us! All students who feel they may need support and/or accommodations are invited to visit us. And, of course, all your disability-related information is 100% confidential. Please visit LAUSD DSS for more information.
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