Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page!
Q:  I'm currently collecting Unemployment Insurance through EDD.  What are my training options?
A:  Most of our CTE programs are EDD-approved.  You may qualify for third-party financial assistance.  Contact John Alvarez at 818-256-1352 for more information.
Q:  I want to finish my high school diploma.  Where do I start?
A:  Visit our Counseling Office to request an assessment appointment.  Appointments are not issued over the phone.  You are also welcome to request "official transcripts" from any schools where you earned high school credits.
Q:  How long does it take to finish an adult high school diploma?
A:  It depends on how many high school credits you've earned previously, and what your assessment results are.
Q:  I want to take the GED.  Where do I start?
A:  LAUSD and many other schools have adopted the HiSet.  Visit our Counseling Office to request an assessment appointment.  HiSet prep classes are free of charge.
Q:  How much does the HiSet cost?
A:  The full testing fee for the HiSet is $150.
Q:  I want to take ESL classes.  Where do I start?
A:  Visit our ESL office for an assessment first.
Q:  I want to join the EMT or Medical Assistant program.  Where do I start?
A:  Visit our Counseling Office to request an assessment appointment.  If you meet the minimum requirements, you'll be placed on a wait list for the next cohort.  We advise you to take the assessment as early as possible.  There is no charge for taking the assessment.
Q:  I want to sign up for Refrigeration, Electrician or Welding in the evening.  Where do I start?
A:  For all welding classes, we require a reading assessment.  You must be able to read at least at an 8th grade level for welding.  We also offer no-cost reading remediation courses.  Open registration dates for all CTE classes are posted in the CTE programs home page:
(Be advised that evening Refrigeration, Electrician and Welding usually sell out within the first 30 minutes of open registration.