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CTE Certificate of Completion Request Form

To request a Certificate of Completion for a CTE student, please fill out the form for the site where the student is attending class!


To access the form you must be signed in to a Google site such as Drive with your LAUSD single sign-on (e.g. [email protected])! (If you're not signed in, you will be asked to sign in.)
Teachers must "post competencies for teacher AND students, grades, the completion code, and the drop date" for the students in DACE-SIS first! Otherwise, the certificate cannot be created.
The certificate will be generated and placed in your box at the correct location for your signature and for distribution. If a student is not available to pick up their certificate in class, please return that certificate to the Counseling Office at your respective location for future pick up by the student.
Click the correct link to fill out the CTE Certificate of Completion Request Form: 

End-of-semester "Certificates of Completion" requests

Please email Delmy and Cynthia Escarcega the following information for those students who will be receiving a certificate at least 4 days before the end of class:

  1. Section Number
  2. Student Names and SIS numbers