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Program Description
The High School Diploma Program is designed for students with varying educational needs.  Classes are completed at the student's own pace.  Prerequisite: Students must take a Reading and Math assessment prior to enrollment.

Academic Instruction is a competency-based adult high school diploma program that provides opportunities for high school students to make up credits and for adult students to earn a high school diploma, prepare for the GED certificate, and enhance academic skills needed for vocational training.

We offer rigorous academic curriculum:

1.  Thirty-three"a-g" approved courses:

  • Core courses approved by the University of California to satisfy UC subject requirements for freshman admission.

2.  Academic courses equivalent to LAUSD secondary courses:

  • Instruction and assessment are personalized, based on each student's abilities, interests, and goals.
  • Open enrollment allows for entry into the program at any time.
  • Self-paced learning occurs in Individualized Instruction Centers or through whole-group instruction.
Individualized Instruction Lab Courses
High School diploma courses offered through individualized instruction are listed below. 
  • Algebra/1A & 1B
  • Biology/Life Science / 1 & 2
  • Contemporary Composition
  • Economics
  • English 1
  • English 2
  • English 3
  • English 4
  • Expository Composition
  • Fine Arts/Visual
  • Geometry 1A & 1B
  • HiSET Test Preparation
  • Health
  • Integrated Science/ 1,2, 3,&4
  • Life Skills
  • Literature/American
  • Literature/Modern
  • Parent Education
  • Psychology
  • U.S Government
  • U.S History/1
  • U.S History/2
  • World History/1
  • World History/2