Auto Tech: Emissions

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These competency-based courses are a sequence of two designed to meet the Bureau of Automotive Regulation (BAR) licensing requirements for the Basic Clean Air Car Course Program. It provides students with technical instruction and practical experience in emission control using sustainable and green vehicle technologies. Instruction includes classroom and workplace policies and procedures in accordance with federal, state, and local safety and environmental regulations. Emphasis is placed on the techniques in the following areas of emission control: vehicle testing, On Board Diagnosis (OBD) II systems tests and diagnostics, malfunction indicator light (MIL) trouble codes, main monitors and readiness tests. It also teaches resource management, trade mathematics, use of service manuals and computer-based information systems, and employability skills. 
To gain the most out of our emissions program, new students should take
  • Engine Repair, Engine Performance 1 and 2
  • Emissions Control 1 and 2