Emergency Medical Technician

This competency-based course provides the training requirement for National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification exam. Upon successful completion, the student will have the knowledge and training required for EMT certification in the state of California.
The EMT course provides training in the combined sciences of emergency medical services such as anatomy and physiology, emergency incident management, care of the medical and trauma patient, obstetrics, pediatrics, and behavioral emergencies. 
Candidates without experience in healthcare or emergency services are strongly encouraged to take the First Responder course prior to enrolling into the EMT course.
Students must be 18 years of age to participate in the EMT program
Students must possess BLS (Healthcare Provider) CPR certification on the first day of class. 
At NVOC, it is required that the school will conduct a background check and urinalysis at the student's expense prior to clinical rotations.
Students accepted to the EMT program will be denied clinical rotation without successful completion of a seven-year criminal background check and urinalysis screening. Failure of any portion of the program's required checks may prevent the student from completing the EMT program, depending on the findings and based upon the current program's requirements.  
NVOC requires background checks as a condition of acceptance for clinical rotation, and may do so because:
    • students have significant interaction with minors and vulnerable populations;
    • students may be eligible to take the NREMT examination but there is no guarantee of licensing;
    • students who cannot successfully complete a background check may not, in some instances, be eligible for licensure, certification, or employment upon graduation.
NVOC reserves the right to request another background check at any point in a student’s program.